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    Hello all,
    I bought a reseller package from a week ago - 8 Sep 2006. A reseller package called Neva cost USD$14.99. I also purchased their ResellerVsReseller features cost USD$6.99. I thought I found a really good company, so I asked them to give me their free stuff (which is included in their package). The next day when I logged into my WHM because my client want to buy a reseller hosting account from me. Unfortunately, I can't even create any either shared or reseller account. To make short story, I sent them few support email as well as support ticket, yet they give me an answer over and over about the same answer. Finally, they told me that, they are currently upgrading their WHMReseller to v2. Until now, I am still waiting for their email. Well, I know that they are depends on their software vendor, but they shouldn't make their customer waiting. I am very dissappointed. I feel like I give them USD$21.98 for free.

    Do not go for their ResellerVsReseller features at this time, otherwise you will end up like what happen to me. Just go for their shared and reseller plan and you'll be fine.

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    Request a refund on this features, you should still be in their "trial" period. If they don't give you a refund on this feature, then request a whole refund and leave. There are thousands of hosting companies, and they should be striving for you, not the other way around.

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    The problem is, I already request their free stuff and I missed their TOS. Once you have download their free stuff and download it, refund will be invalid,which is kinda weird to me. That's a big mistake I have ever done in my life.

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    thats unfortunate

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    I haven´t had a single problem with them yet since february 2006.

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    Reiji Kurosaky, what domain do you have hosted with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon-e-mouse
    Reiji Kurosaky, what domain do you have hosted with them?
    First it was and recently changed it to

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