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    67 aka - 3 week Review

    Over the last 3 long weeks I orderd a massive hosting plan with aka doteasy, Right from day one there was issues like there Control pan was the biggest joke around it would log you out and wouldnt let you back in, Sometimes for up to 3 - 4 hours.
    I had support issues in one case i asked for help with a email issue and they somehow didnt "see" that I allready had the webspace setup,
    I still dont know what they did all I know is after they "fixed" the email issue nothing worked for 12 hours.
    After re-emailing them about this issue they "fixed" the domain but I still had the same issue with the emails.
    Yes this was my fult I didnt read right that I used the wrong nameservers,
    But it took me over 5 days emailing back and forth to a man that knew nothing,
    No he didnt fix it either I had to go to live support where the issue was resolved in 10 mins.
    That was fine it was a missunderstanding by me, later after another week of finaly deciding that this control pan just wasnt going to do I decided to try installing a cms php from there pre install menu (I dont know why I knew befor i tried it wouldnt work)
    But to my suprise after 12 or so etempts it worked this was no fult of mine it just kleept creating databases and not going to the next step but the 12 database it decided it had "had enough fun" and went to the next step ok so fine I now have a phpnuke cms installed,
    Everyone knows that you must also make/mod themes modules... add themes modules you know what nearly everyone does that uses this cms
    But it was to there "understanding" that you didnt need to do this and they would have to get back to me and changing folder permissions 3 hours later i got a email saying I changed the themes folder permissions to 777 so you can access it sorry for the missunderstanding (I asked for the modules folder themes folder blocks, case and admins folder in my chat session with live support by the way)

    Anyway the list gos on and on and on and on
    I could keep typing about how bad they where becuse the only thing that was good was quickly taking my money and giving me a acount in the matter of 20 mins

    This company also provides very extreamly slow nameservers than the ones im used to,
    Iv lernt my lesson from this host
    and I hope someone else can benifit from my mistake!
    MOTD dont expect everything for nothing them companys with higher prices may be a turn off but then,
    why do people buy a nice looking brick house for more $ than the old crappy weatherboard one next door? they do the same thing dont they?

    PS Im still waiting after 24 hours for them to close my acount with no responces
    evenly they may refund me 13.00 of my paid 25.00 USD
    We will see tho

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    Sorry to hear you are having a bad experience, thank you for sharing your review with us.
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    Credit where credit is due

    When they finaly "got around" to acepting my cancle they refunded all money more than they had to
    but if i was running a hosting company and someone was that made at me i would too lol
    But i must give credit where its due and even tho it was a bad experence they refunded me the hole 25 USD instead of the 13 they where ment too so thats something.
    I still overall think if you want a good host dont go with them
    If you know what your doing and dont mind a dicky Control pan then go for it its cheap and it may be what some people are looking for but if you want good support and people that know there stuff
    Pick someone else and pay the little bit more.
    jmcallister thank you for your reply too

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