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    Looking for someone who can move hosting accounts + domain transfer

    Hi! I was wondering if someone can do an easy but fast domain transfer from godaddy to and about 60 accounts from one server (not dedicated, but with WHM) to a VPS with root reseller, so you would have to make a full backup and transfer it to the VPS. Its easy and simple, PM me with price you would ask.

    P.S. You need to have good rep here at WHT and transfer must be complete at max on monday. Payment will be made by paypal when job is done

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    i am sorry, i didnt knew the forums pretty well

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    Here's a question that could make a big difference in cost.

    You say you have about 60 accounts to transfer.
    Will these accounts need Nameserver updating at their Registrar and if yes, who does that? - for all your Hosting needs
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    The users will be emailed to update their nameservers (of they have domain name) if they have subdomain, the nameservers should automatically update

    EDIT: I can pay up to 20$ USD, because it is a simple job and thats all i can pay, sorry, its simple. I would do it myself, but i have some family problems right now....

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