Hello all,

We as a company are totally new at Control Panels, we were more old school, you doing everthing by hand :-). After posting in this forum we decided to get CPanel. Our current setup is small, one web server(Cpanel) , one primary dns(Cpanel dns-only), and one secondary dns (Cpanel-dns-only).

We dashed out some money for our initial setup (Servers, Cpanel ,Leased Line and so on...). We are now looking into becoming Domain Registars. We have looked at the requirements in our Country and we meet most of them. My question here is more technical.

Could anyone provide me with articles, whitepapers,comment, guidance or anything on how you can become a domain registart and the software you might need (except for bind). For example, could we use our current cpanel setup to easilly become a domain registrar or do we need to dash out more money?

Thank you all in advance,