Supported OS:


CentOS 4
Fedora Core 5



Supported Control Panels:

no control panel is fine
only allowing cpanel if control panel is present

Kernel Upgrade( $15 one time)

update to kernel
includes custom driver requests

System Hardening ( $40 one time )

Prevention and log file analysis:
install logwatch
install rkhunter
install chkrootkit
install apf
install bfd
install mod security
install mod_security
*compile against pcre if requested for apache 1.3x

System Hardening:

harden sysctl.conf
harden hosts.conf
secure /tmp & /var/tmp /dev/shm

System Performance:

Install PRM

Update WebServer Software

update expat, libxslt, libxml
update curl/curl-ssl
update apache and php to latest stable version
update php-pear
update mysql according to your current version tree

Extra Services Available on Request for no extra charge:

Best Value ( $45 One time )

Includes Kernel Upgrade and System hardening

Contact using one of the following methods to schedule a time for the work to be completed.

email: cywkevin [at] gmail . com
aim: cywkevin
msn: cywkevin [at] gmail . com