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    We are looking now for a way to backup our client windows servers to either a windows or linux machines. We must keep permissions, ownership, hidden directories, etc.
    Clients should be able to check and restore the files they need using smb, ftp, etc.

    We have done this for linux->linux backup server with rsync.
    We tried to rsync windows->linux and windows->windows but we ware not able to preserve the owners and permissions. Hidden files became also visible after the backup.

    Please let me know if there is a way to do this right.

    Thank you

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    In the past we have done this using rsync over a Samba share onto a linux or BSD server.

    Basicaly mount the windows file system on the unix server and execute an rsync on the newly mounted data to a local mounted partition.

    We have also used RoboCopy in a similar way with a windows file server. (Similar to Rsync, but windows based)
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexpop
    Please let me know if there is a way to do this right.
    This would probably be a lot cleaner in a Windows-to-Windows environment, but may be worth a try in a Windows-to-Linux setup.

    I would use ROBOCOPY and a run a scheduled batch file task as a particular user with sufficient privileges from the Windows server.

    ROBOCOPY /COPYATS <FROM> <TO> should copy all the permissions properly (though there are many, many more ROBOCOPY options to look at if you need them).

    If you're in a Windows AD domain you could try to use DFS replicas and the synchronization would be automatic.

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