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    *******.com - any current customers?


    I just did a search on the forums for ******* and it came up with quite a few people complaining. Besides, has anyone had a bad experience with them recently?

    Anyone had a good experience?

    I am considering purchasing a dedicated with them. .. it's a summer special for $75/monthly ($50 setup).

    My alternative is to go with (their Raq4i for $79/month) as I need something under $80.


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    Well, if cheap is the operational word, has some low end dedicated servers on offer. I think they have pentium 2 400 mhz processors in them and start at $49 a month...

    Maybe somebody else knows somewhere with a similar deal? Alternativly maybe you can negotiate with Petr and get him to knock the price for the basic plan down $10 a month. It might be possible if you agree to prepay for a few month, but I don't know if you're the negotiating type.

    P.S. I'm not affiliated with fdc, just a satisfied customer...

    P.P.S. This should maybe be in the webhosting request forum...

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    Originally posted by Tazzman
    P.P.S. This should maybe be in the webhosting request forum...
    I was not asking for offers.. I was asking for educated opinions about *******.com


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