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    Another Softlayer Review 3 months

    Hi, my first post and I thought I'd give my two cents since I went with softlayer by using this forum.

    Ok, so I have two dedicated servers with them, orginally these sites were at The Planet but to much downtime so I had to move and I got in at Softlayer when I read some reviews about them.

    1. Softlayer is really good at upgrades and time to install. No suprises yet or excues.

    2. Support tickets was great until recently, they have a basic and paid support system now, I've used both. Currently I must have like have had 10-12 tickets this month and they use to answer them real quick when I first had the in 5-10 minutes anytime of the day. Now it's more like at least 20 minutes, paid or not, to get any response during the day. Couple of my tickets sat open for over 20 minutes so I just called support which was interesting to do since I never called them until this month. If over 20 minutes I don't have any idea since I just called after that time.

    3. Pricing is still ok, it's gone up but they have to turn a profit right! It went up from 139-149-159 for single processors which is pretty good for what you get still at 159, remember they are not a budget provider or provide managed servers, so the pricing is fair in my eyes for hardware and bandwidth.

    4. Network is ok. Not the best but not the worst. Some people may aruge this but when you stream media and need to high sustained output then you will see what I mean since it's not what you will expect. They told me to many different things about this which gave me a headache so.....Just basically I think they are reaching there network capacity and need to get more...if you think about it they offer GigE ports and I think there public pipeline is 8 GigE based on there customer when you offer this to everyone and everyone is trying to using it for voip, media streaming, file hosting, your going to notice the speeds coming to a crawl, I'm getting 10% - 30% sustained on GigE port...and NO...I'm not writing to get noticed by Softlayer to increase my network since I'm already order new servers back at The Planet again to get ready to move over all my data (again)....

    But for web hosting you will not see or notice anything since you can probably host off there default 10mb ports and not need much more then that for mostly static pages.

    5. Hardware is very good...what can you say, brand new or mostly brand new stuff....

    6. Private network is a very big plus since it's easy to work between two servers, workplace, where ever you are by VPN

    Should you get one here, sure, it's very decent

    Will I stay, no, I need to output at least 50% of my port 80% of the time.
    I'm getting 10% - 30% sustained.

    Did I write this to get Softlayer to notice me...nope and I won't even answer any questions here since I'm only here to write this review but if you got anything to say maybe someone will answer it.
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