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    Exclamation What do you think about this server from gnax

    I'm interested on this server.

    Dual Opt 240
    1Gb Memory
    120Gb sata
    2000Gb b/width

    setup fee $350
    monthly $159

    They want clean out their inventory to make way their new server line. Or just wait for the new line server.

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    looks good, gnax is a heck of a datacenter too. Real nice network. I didnt know they sold dedicated to the public though. I thought they just reffer you to their resellers.

    But yeah if you are sure you will keep it a while and dont mind paying the setup fee that is a sweet deal

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    I don't know either it si on old datacenter or new one. gnax sold their dedicated through tranxactglobal & reseller.

    But they have stated on their website (tranxactglobal) it would be new line server coming soon with more lower price.

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    Why not do both
    Yes we sell dedicated servers as

    Thanks for the good words guys!

    We are NO LONGER turning up clients at the old datacenters. Our new one is FANTASTIC, almost everyone who goes in to look around becomes a customer!
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