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    Shared Hosting - Security Issues and Concerns

    I need to move a small business's web traffic from a rented space on a dedicated server to a Shared Hosting plan. However, I want to know any current Security Issues and Concerns with Shared Hosting. Eg. Is there a way to check that no none can accesss my account from another account on the machine via. the file system? Are there any ways for others on the Shared machine to access my information via. PHP, other tools? Finally, how about physical separation of mySql database files.

    Thanks for any help.

    P.S. I plan to use HostGator and Unix/Linux

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    The shared hosting providers always harden and take measures if they are informed on the current issues.

    But the guys who have bad intent always tend to find a hole in the wall and break through it. There is no absolutely security in the shared hosting servers.

    There are various methods to check the servers and unfortunately most of then can not be discussed here in this open forum. Search in Google to learn more about it.

    I think the provider that you are looking at, has admins who can take care of the issues that you are worried about.
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    For businesses security is important. Being on a shared server there is more security issues probable than having a dedicated server itself. Is there any reason you want to move the site from a dedicated to a shared account ? If it's financial - then a VPS might be more useful as it's less in cost, has the security.

    However shared isn't a sess pool of security bugs -- if done right. That is where a lot of problems come in. A lot of good companies will have staff that can setup very nice strong enviornment for your hosting requirements. But then again, it doesn't mean there isn't a ton that isn't upto the job.

    Seperation of MySQL is something that quite a few companies can do for you - or has by default. But it's not all that much more secure. It only saves you from someone who has breached the server and has the ability to delete the files on the disk. It would take an extra step to then find the mysql info and then drop all tables in there.
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    Get a good host, and they should have servers secured. You can get credit for any breaking attempts.

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