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    Question securing PHP mail() function

    Hello, I have a couple of boxes managed by an outsourced support service, however usually forms are abused, basically trough mail() function, i am basically looking to a second opinion here

    Is there a way to avoid mail() function to send mail to domains that are not in the server? What would you do to secure it without disabling it? The boxes have PHP 4.x

    I'll appreciate your help.

    Jose Luis
    Josť Luis

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    Its possible but why would you want to do that? it would break things like forums etc.
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    Like Steven said, it's a bad idea to completely turn it off - however, it's possible to limit the dangers of the abuse quite a bit. There are patches that you could install to stop injection into the mail() command from legitamate variables. However they still cause problems with some boards. Quite a few boards now a days have pop mail facilities, and you can use that much more easily.
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    Thank you all, my first choice is not to disable it, just secure it. I once worked with a server and aparently mail() couldn't send e-mail to domains which where not in the server, and messages to internal accounts arrived, is this possible?

    Jose Luis
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    Josť Luis

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