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    subdomain like blogspot but in ASP

    How does blog sites like Blogspot create a subdomain that points to a page?

    Is it possible in ASP with scripts?

    My host uses HELM CP and I have to manually create the subdomain that points to a subfolder.


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    There are many ways..

    There are many ways to do that type of thing, its basicly the same as how old school personal sites hosted in a UNIX os were done. IE http://domain/~alex/ would be my area.

    The URL thats requested is parsed by the server and maps it to /home/alex/public_html.

    In the case of blogspot they might be using the virtual host directive in apache, possiably getting the names from a LDAP server. I've set that up for a massive-multi-user webhost enviroment in the past.

    Another option would be using something line mod_rewrite where all the sites are hosted on the same machines but the unquie part of the URL (username.) is passed to a script or CGI as an argument. This would be posiable in ASP.

    I duno about ASP but in Perl the interesting variable would be $ENV{HTTP_HOST}. That gives you the hostname that the browser requested.

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    In ASP, I guess we can use ISAPI Rewrite to redirect a domain to a fixed url. In this case, can ASP script be written to automate all these?

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