Hello everyone, I'm now looking for more work as a freelance writer. I have experience with the following types of writing.

Web Hosting Plans/Press Releases - Creatively written content and descriptions can easily increase sales for a web hosting company by making a site look professional and well planned. I have experience writing product or plan descriptions, press releases, frequently asked questions (FAQs) or other support-related documents. I have also written welcome and account information messages for automated mail systems.

Web Site Content - New and unique content can increase the number of visitors and the popularity of your site. I've done articles with length ranging from brief overviews to 5-6 page essays about the web hosting industry and about other topics ranging from aquaria to logo design. I can do the research required to write an article in your websites area of expertise.

Forum Communities - Forum communities thrive on activity and new information. I've written articles, rules/regulations, staff manuals, introductions to using forums, and I've also done posting. I can contribute well thought out and grammatically correct posts and threads to your forum to enhance discussion instead of just simple 'spam'.

If you have work that you would like to have done that's not up here, please contact me. I'm always open to new fields or new styles of writing!

Please contact me for a quote. I can provide both references of individuals I've done work for in the past and writing samples upon request.

The best method of contact would be here on WHT via PM and we can discuss prices/work further. I'm also available via email: chris AT nytescape.com.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from some of you!