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    PR4 Smiley site, unique design and many more sites for sale!

    Hey everyone,

    The site is

    The site runs on a copy of click here to see it is licensed . It has a completely unique and custom design which you get full rights to with nicely integrated adsense ads, I have bought 1 smiley pack for the site which is the afromen collection. The site gets on average around 20 hits a day and the odd click on adsense.

    I bought a smiley generator script from [email protected] and I paid someone to get it integrated into the site, the guy I bought the script from was not helpful on fixing the problem, so you may have to pay someone on your own back to fix the problem.

    I am going to start the bidding at $200 which is worth it for the quality of the domain and the design and the script, it dosn't look turnkey at all/

    Starting bid: $200
    Increments: $10
    BIN: $500

    This is a 7 day auction unless BIN is met, payment is to be made through

    Other sites for sale:
    A free youtube ripping script, I bought this script from a member at namepros, it is not unique but does the job, it also comes with a great brandable domain which works really well with the site. Site has no stats or revenue.

    Starting bid: $50
    Increments: $10
    BIN: $150
    A forum dedicated to ECW, a recently relaunced brand of WWE the most popular wrestling company around by far. It is running on phpbb and I bought a skin from extremepixels and paid to have a custom header done for the site. This is a newly setup site so no stats or revenue, there is a great fanbase of ECW so definate potential here.

    Starting bid: $50
    Increments: $5
    BIN: $100
    A great name for a proxy site, very brandable, gets around 100 - 200 visits per day and a few clicks from adsense. I have placed very good positions to place numerous ads, you could make more money than just adsense by displaying text links on the sponsor bar and link navigation.

    Starting bid: $150
    Increments: $10
    BIN: $250
    A newly setup whois site with a great easy to remember name and a nice clean simple logo design. Site is new so has no stats.

    Starting bid: $50
    Increments: $5
    BIN: $75

    For some reason my google ads arnt displaying on any of my sites, if you would like proof of stats on certain sites please ask and I will gather up some screenshots for you.

    Best of luck with bidding,
    Steven Hartley

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    Highest bid: $200 @

  3. #3 SOLD at BIN, all other sites available, will sell them all for $300.

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    Received a $50 bid on

  5. #5 SOLD at BIN, and still available.

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    Received a $50 bid on, still havn't received any bids on and

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    2 Days to go offers still remain the same, I have reduced prices:
    current bid - $50
    BIN - $60
    Current bid - no offer
    BIN - $175 taken off sale, I am now selling this in a package deal.

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