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    Website Design (TEMPLATE)

    Seeking a website design for a website that will offer web hosting.

    No specific budget yet. Please post your price/quote. Also, please post your previous site designs or PM me with them.

    In return, the website design section of our website will be linked to the designer and will also be paid for the design

    Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. We would also be interested in stock photography. We would need the frontpage designed and one content page to start putting in content on the rest of the pages.

    URL's of sites we like:

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    Look familliar?

    Your example is a rip.

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    See my portfolio
    I make site for a low price about 100-300$
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    Arrow see our archive

    Hello, AAD design Studio presents you portfolio of design projects:
    Ih archive sectio of our portfolio you can find sites for sale, because of they didn`t find their customer yet :-) So, if you`ll like somethink from this section, price for redesign it for you will be low, If you`ll want to ask us for new design especially for you - price from 200 and higher.
    We`ll be glad to collaborate with you

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    we have some templates

    Hi Aretna,

    You can see our samples from

    Mail me at [email protected] with the kind of price you plan to pay for this design. I will try to accomodate you if possible.

    BTW. Host002 and Host004 are sold.

    Geiger: I am sorry to say but this kind of attitude is really bad. I do not know what do you call a rip ? We have found a navigational style convinient and we are giving that.

    Please note that each and every line of code that we offer is custom developed in our development center.

    I dont intend to be harsh, but i hate this kind of sarcasm, when we are not doing anything wrong and i think i have got all rights to protect myself.

    Abhishek - Submit your site to 500+ SEO friendly directories - Point. Click. Edit. Works with existing site.

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    I have a template available for around $75/55 .

    I have a lot of experience in this area, please see portfolio at

    Please feel free to email me or pm me if you have any questions.


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