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    CPC Conversion rates

    I'm concidering some CPC advertising, and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what their conversion rates were like? Not exact number, but rough estimates? What is the average pst per client? (IE 30 clicks = 1 new client on average - at an averace CPC of .25 per click working out to $7.50)

    Anyone care to jump in and share some info? PM's are cool as well if you dont want to make it public.

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    It really depends on a number of things such as:

    1) Where your advertising
    2) Who your target market is
    3) How much your paying per click
    4) How you compare to the other companies advertising next to you
    5) How your landing page is setup
    6) What your website looks like (Yes this matters, non-professional sites will turn people away
    7) What your products & services are and how much your charging

    CPC is a tricky way to advertise in most cases. If your planning on doing it, I recommend a good sized budget. A small budget will get eaten up pretty quickly. Not to mention if you are a hosting company and your ads are being shown on a health foods blog your not going to get very good results so make sure that your only advertising to your target market. I've gone through $300 in CPC without 1 customer. Its a combination of luck and skill.

    Thats my 2 cents.....I'm sure others will agree and disagree. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
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    Agreed, PPC and CPC campaigns can be really expensive if your going up against other companies who have a much larger budget for advertising than you do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcallister
    Agreed, PPC and CPC campaigns can be really expensive if your going up against other companies who have a much larger budget for advertising than you do.
    If you do a few things you can make it a lot cheaper,
    1. Use landing pages and do extensive a/b testing to see which work better, always try to get better.

    2. Write ads that are not after clicks but converions, if you cost $22.95 a month then say that, don't get clicks of people looking for crucial info.

    3. Make sure your landing pages feature dynamic text featuring the keyword they came in, help a TON with conversions.

    4. Record click through info so you can diversify your word list and pay less in the long run.

    5. If you don't have money to compete in big areas start looking for long tail or niche traffic, also has to do with 4, maybe for a week pay a lot for the keyword "web hosting", then after you see the click throughs you find that 30% of the click throughs are for long phrases like "web hosting for mysql and php and perl" and so on which you can then bid on for a lower amount with less compeition and tweak all your campaigns around categories, use dynamic ad titles too or parts etc...

    Got a bunch more, i'll try to write them down all later, marketing sherpa has a good landing page book that is worth the money btw.
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