ok - I have a shared hosting server, cPanel - and hundreds of sites on it.

Spamcop is blocking my server's IP for the following:

server is sending delayed bounces/challenge response mails/out of office mails or other robotic mails in response
to forged spam. Many or all of these bounces were received by our spamtraps.
Spamtraps are email addresses that do not exist and have never existed; they
do not send mail and they should never receive mail. Nearly 100% of the
spams and viruses now in circulation forge the "from" addresses and so these
bounce messages are going to email addresses which had nothing to do with
the original email.

This not only affects spamcop's traps & blacklist, but also normal users everywhere - your
systems are no doubt sending out large volumes of these bounces to people
unrelated to messagaes being bounced.
Now - how do I fix this??

Am I to disable all auto-responders for every email account on the server? Shut off Box Trapper too?

I've already set all the accounts default address from :fail: to :blackhole:
Since :fail: sends a response. :blackhole: does not.

Any thoughts?