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    Stupid HostQuote question: VPS?

    My apologies for posting this inquiry here, but I'm not sure in which forum it is most appropriate.

    By forum rules there is no longer a place where we can make requests for hosting packages. Not sure why that forum was deleted, but so be it.

    Looking at the HostQuote feature, there isn't one for VPS.

    What category in HostQuote should I use?

    1. Unix/Linux Hosting
    2. Windows Hosting
    3. Reseller Hosting
    4. E-Commerce Hosting
    5. Dedicated Servers
    6. Colocation Hosting

    I submitted a request under option #3. Reseller Hosting, and only received 3 responses, 2 of which were automated responses completely ignoring the questions and requirements I put forth in the notes section.

    Is there any place or mechanism here at WHT whereby one can outline a set of parameters for VPS hosting and request offers/proposals, or do I literally have to email/PM a zillion different hosts manually?


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    I believe hostquote has a comments box. Put your requirements in there and select the OS you plan to use. That's still like trying to swim in sand, but it's an option.

    Most people just look at the web sites of the hosts and pick one that meets their needs. If they don't obviously display VPS plans or the plans don't fit your needs, move on to the next site.
    Andrew Kinney
    CTO, Advantagecom Networks

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