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    Banners and Sites

    I know this is stupid to even mention but I just think its amazing how many sites have banners that totally rock on design - many of which use a newly designed logo on that banner but when you visit the actual site - the design and function of the site is horrible.

    Dont' you wish they had banners that would tell the truth. Like...

    "My site looks nothing like this banner" or "We didn't design this banner so don't expect much from our site" or "Yes this banner is amazing. Our site, however, is less to be desired."

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    compliments to the banner designer then I guess? Keep in mind its much cheaper to design a banner than an entire site.

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    I do agree with you on that. It is cheaper to design a banner and is made to advertise the service more over than the site. But the banners make the company sometimes appear to be professiona and then you get there and are taken back by the stank before you eyes.

    Kudos to the banner creators though - they do a a great job.

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    banners are also easier to design as there is less space to get creative with. But webmasters should keep in mind that ads should match their site. Yahoo has ads that match their site so does verizon and so on.

    Why have a wildlifebanner with polka dots for a plain whit webhosting company? Doesnt target or make sense. Customers notice this too. It leaves an impression. N2m you dont want to constantly change layouts. Another way to continually keep customers is using the memory factor. It's why companies have mascots. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
    Be heard and submit your review review here.

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    I guess if a banner rocks and the site doesn't look as good, it was probably done by different people at different time.

    Banner is easier to do, i suppose. - Let's host your pixels to the world.

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    Nevermind. It appears that I am unable to put into words exactly what I am trying to say. Welp - another stupid post by mean that tends to end up making no sense at all. I'm getting good at this. Again - I blame all actions solely on post count.

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    site is usually made by a completely different person than the banners. for most small time webmasters site comes long before ad campaigns

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