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    I hate airplanes and I'm sitting at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport waiting to board a flight to boston. Last time I had to fly,I had such a panic attack i couldnt get on

    I hope all goes well. I hate airplanes. Too bad there wont be internet on the plane... or DirecTV. I thought we were taking Jet Blue - apparently it's delta. Whoops.

    Anyway- Wish me luck on my new adventure to Boston Massachusetts. Gotta love weddings... and airplanes. At least I downloaded a few movies from iTunes last night so I could watch them on the plane.

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    Good luck and god speed I hate airplanes too that is why I do not fly

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    Good luck, Matt. It *is* totally unnatural to fly but it beats the heck out of walking. You'll be fine. Try to concentrate on the movies or get a magazine and just skim through it. I have a difficult time concentrating on anything when I fly either. I always say the best part of a flight is taxiing to the gate.

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    Hey man I know it sounds cliche but air travel is safe, you have nothing to worry about. Try to relax, take deep breaths and everything will be fine... have a safe trip to Boston
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    Here are some stats. about the 747...not much use if you're using another plane, but still may calm you

    Between 1970 and 2000, 1000 Jumbos have been made at the boeing factory. 28 have been written off in accidents. 7 were when a plane was on the ground, 4 by terroists, 1 was destroyed in the first gulf way and the russians shot one down by mistake ...and they were down to human error not the plane (okay, that part may not have helped so much).

    Also, so you don't feel bad about the enviroment, a 747 is more economical than a Ford Fiesta (per person per mile).

    Also, if you flew on a plane, statistically, it would be 13,000 years before you hit the ground in a big fireball.

    (Thank clarkson's i know you got soul book for this data )
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    I personally love to fly but get nervous everytime I board the plane and begin to rethink my passion. The idea of having no control of what happens if the plane begins to go down is hard for me to accept. In a car - I can atleast steer the car in hopes to save the accident but in a plane - I have to trust the pilot. Which is probably best becaues you sure don't want me trying to fly the plane.

    I wish you the best and enjoy the experience. Just know that you will panic but accept it and then enjoy the flight.

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