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    * hostmonster or bluehost?

    hostmonster or bluehost?

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    What is making you decide upon those two? What requirements are you needing for your hosting?

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    Maybe the fact that they both offer over 30+ GB of disk space and 750+ GB of bandwidth for less than $10 per month. The overselling in the industry is getting ridiculous, one day I'm going to sign up for 2-3 of these hosting plans and fill up each account. I'd be curious to see if they kick me out for using too many resources
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    Quote Originally Posted by iampinlo
    hostmonster or bluehost?
    Those two companies are owned by the same people.

    Do you really need that amount of disk space and bandwidth?

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    As stated above, same owner, same servers...

    What I would recommend you do is spend a few days reading the Bluehost forum. It would be advisable to check it several times daily so you don't miss something that gets deleted. If after you've done this you still have interest, may The Force be with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WN-Ali
    Those two companies are owned by the same people.

    Quite funny, I think they achieved what they were shooting for... clients choosing between 2 of their companies!

    Do a search here on WHT for reviews and other client experiences on the companies you narrow your selection down to. You'll get a much better feel for how they fit your needs.

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    If they have the same network connection I'd pass on both of them if you intend to server users outside US. Peering towards eruope aint' that great for bh.
    -Mr Bister

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    Been with bluehost for a year, recently had a billing mixup with my bank, instead of contacting me and giving me a chance to rectify the problem, they cancelled my account and deleted my entire site, emails and all.
    If these two companies are owned by the same people, they'll most probably extend the same courtesy towards their customers, so i would recommend looking elsewhere

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