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    Could anyone recommend a dependable affordable UK host

    Hello, I want to setup sites in the UK so I am looking for a uk host so that my site will appear more on UK search engines and related sites. Please let me know of a reliable UK host that doesn't charge too much. Thanks

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    You don't neccessarily need a host located in the UK to be ranked on UK searches. The main thing to concentrate on is having a domain name and relevent local content.
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    Hmm that is good to know. Well my site is pretty much covers all regions, but if you say all I need is the domain that is even better.

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    Yep, as long as you have a domain then thats all you need! For hosting, it seems that prices are lower in the states -- you should be able to find a host with reasonable ping times and fast download speeds somewhere on the east coast of the US (as this is the closest location to England).

    Good luck

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    Thanks, I already run my own dedicated servers but before Robert informed me that the domain is all I need I can host it on my own Thanks

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