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    Technicals i Need help


    im going to work technical support in hosting company .. im working now customer services..
    so which courses ... educations material..or certeficates i should study...
    i ask about the knoweldgebase i should be!! ???

    i wish everyone got me !!!

    so !!!
    plz in details if please
    Much of Thnx

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    i think this pretty much depends on the resort you will be working on. Is it windows or linux based hosting. You should definitely be familiar with LAMP setup and know programs mysql, apache, php, sendmail, exim, postfix and bind by heart. But as i said this really depends on your tasks.

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    thnx for ur quick reply

    all servers in this company is linux
    my tasks will be arround configuring & troubleshooting those servers
    like any technicals in hosting companies

    what i should read about or study !!!???


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    Working in a support department they usally pass on the troubled tickets to you in a technical enviroment. So if a customer calls and says server1 don't have mod_rewrite and the support technician passes this to you......... How would you install it?

    Installing this without crashing apache is key! Just like any module you cant mess up or if you do prepare for phone calls or prepare to get this back up and running 100% in a short time.

    I suggest Apache 1+2, PHP 4+5, MTA's like Postfix, Sendmail, Control Panels like Cpanel and Plesk, Bind and so fourth as stated by wanagi prior.

    Moving from a support standpoint to a Technical posistion is a rather large responsibility! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have/had prior knowledge to linux and basic command and troubleshooting before you where bumped! If not this will be a nightmare!

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    for linux i made the experiece that the best way to learn it is to use it. courses usually won't help because the whole system is so complex that you have to use it every day in order to know it by heart. a good starting point for linux is having a look at the programs i told you. they are essential for webhosting. but this is only my experience. maybe some others will join as well

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    For linux servers u should have practicle experience as well as Basic course,

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