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Thread: i want vps ?

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    * i want vps ?

    iam egyption man i want to have vps

    20 g
    250 g bandwith
    2 ip
    full root
    shell acsess
    back up
    evry thing unlimited
    cpanel with whm
    price started 15 $ to 20 $

    with out $$$ setup

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    Good luck.
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    You'll never find a VPS with those disk and bandwidth specs in that price range. Even without cpanel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicedream
    You'll never find a VPS with those disk and bandwidth specs in that price range. Even without cpanel.
    oh no sair
    iam find more and more but icant speak english to confirm


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    If you decrease your space and change Cpanel to Directadmin it will be easier to find

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    i cant change cpanel

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    Quote Originally Posted by st4web
    i cant change cpanel
    Because of the license fees for cpanel (and the memory requirements), you will never find a VPS in that price range.

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    i will pay 3 month
    ram 128
    2 ip
    20 g
    bandwith 250

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    Hey man, you gotta listen to us when we tell you your requirements are simply not reasonable at that price.

    Do a search on For your RAM/BW/Storage/IP requirements, the lowest priced provider is $55.19. That is without cpanel license fees.

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    i want cheap vps with cpanel

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    Quote Originally Posted by st4web
    i want cheap vps with cpanel
    Oh, well why didn't you say so??
    Last edited by nicedream; 09-14-2006 at 03:56 PM.

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    plz iam not good at english

    i want cheab vps
    any sities hear?

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    a2b2 there quite cheap but there servers are located in the UK

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    up up

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    i would suggest seriosuly upping your budget sir, as i don;t think your going to find one that cheap anywhere, or certainly not one that is reliable. Maybe even think about decreasing your space and bandwidth needs!!!

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    up up
    iwant cities hear

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    Well if you want something you need to search around and find it.

    As others have said what you are after just is not reasonable.
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    i see vps
    15 g h.d
    ram 265
    bandwith 250 g
    ip 2
    full root
    back up
    price 16$ month

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    imho it's a troll. even if he could find a bargain how could he do webmastering without speaking english ?

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    iam not good at english but understand it by translator

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    If you can compromise Cpanel and do a good search on the forums, you can find a host that suits your needs. Good Luck!!!

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    thanx iwant cheeb vps ??

    do you know 6 egyption pound = 1 $

    i want cheeb thanx

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