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    [R9] Established company, FREE SETUP! - Now with RESELLER!

    That's right! For the next week we have removed all setup fees from accounts, join today for an amazing price!

    RackNine offers both consumer hosting and multi-domain/resller packages fully equipped to handle all sizes of business! Whether you're running a personal interest site or booming online business let us help you grow your client base exponentially!

    Our packages:

    R9-Basic- 75mb space, 1gb traffic/mo - $3.95/mo
    R9-General- 600mb space, 15gb traffic/mo - $8.95/mo
    R9-Premium- 1200mb space, 25gb traffic/mo - $14.95/mo
    R9-Enterprise- 2500mb space, 50gb traffic/mo - $29.95/mo

    (upgrade any package to multi-domain/reseller for $5.00/mo!)

    All packages have PHP/mySQL/PostgreSQL/Perl/CGI/Shell Script/Java and Frontpage extensions, plus come with an advanced web-based control panel and webmail system. If you require a demo please contact [email protected] for details.

    Domains (.com, .net, .org): 10.95/yr

    Our website:

    Welcome to RackNine!



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    i'm late i know


    I know I'm a bit late on this one but what is your percentage for uptime? I couldn't find it on the website and there was no faq.

    Does the plans use Cpanel? And I know it said 100 ftp accounts for the enterprise plan. Does that mean 100 for EACH domain host or for the WHOLE account? How many subdomains are allow per domain? Thanks!

    I'm VERY interest in this offer.

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