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    Registerfly difficulties


    I auctioned a name at 6th of this month.
    The orig. owner had it with registerfly, so I opened a registerfly account and the orig. owner pushed the domain into my account.

    The domain expiration was several days later.

    First I renewed the domain (payed), changed the whois information, locked the domain put the domain on renew (put addtl. money for that into the registerfly account).

    Next day I got a message that domain renewal failed, cause domain was locked and my account got credited.

    After being with the online support daily I got the domain after a couple days renewed (via a ticket which the online support help renewed assigned to a support person).

    Finally the domain changed the expiration date.

    Now the domain is unlocked and it is in transfer mode for 7 days.

    According to support I can't lock the domain as long it is in transfer mode.

    Now I daily check the domain and just found out that the domain whois information changed to the registerfly whois info.

    I just changed that back to my whois information.

    Looking now up the whois via it doesn't show my information .. but it saysWhois .. but maybe that needs some times to show?

    I understand that registerfly is now an ICANN registrar, and it must have something to do with it, but the whole proccess scares me.

    I'm checking that domain status at least twice a day ...

    I see that people posting registerfly issues here they got all successful resolved.

    Maybe I'm to overly concerned, but if I would have these issues with the 100 + domains I'm having with several other registrars I would be so busy that I couldn't do any work anymore.
    Any hints/comments/suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

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    Just seeing the domain status is locked now -- maybe now all is fine.

    I'm just waiting that the transfer status clears and it shows me on whois again.
    Status: ACTIVE
    EPP Status: ok

    not sure what EPP means?
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    things you need to keep in mind

    since it was a transfer/renewal (from rf the reseller, probably enom, to rf the registrar) it cannot be transfered for 45 days (more like 60 but that's another story).

    check several whois sources, what you get using the rf w/i is some intermediate database of theirs, that may not match what is "really" in the national database.

    check your rf account regularly, make sure your domains still show up and have the correct dates. ie: keep your own set of records, be able to prove what you own. if you stay there, watch your renewals, start 30 days before due, just in case there is a problem ;-) the night before expiration is NOT the time to renew.

    a good plan, no matter who you use. things change, s+uf happens.


    btw, after you edit whois data, check rf whois to be sure it saved properly (a few minutes), then check another whois (like, it should show up there in 1 to 4 hours. longer on weekends because of a lot of changes or backups running.
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    Hi k3rnd,

    Thank you a lot .. appreciate big time

    Just figured out, when I check my domain details at rf ... all my information is there (admin/Tech. contact) , when I check rf whois it isn't even there ....

    What a pain ...

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