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    eNom's new control panel

    Well it looks like eNom have migrated to their beta control panel. Although the sections are slightly more logically arranged, I don't like it. you can no longer see "at a glance" what the settings are for each type of info. You now have to burrow down 1 more level to see the info. WORST OF ALL, after you burrow down 1 more level, when you come back out, you don't come back to the list of setting types but skip over that straight to the domain list. When you click on the domain again to get back to the domin settings, IT SKIPS RIGHT OVER the list of setting type, RIGHT BACK to the setting type you previously selected. THAT MEANS, you are !@#$ed if you want to change any more setting for that domain, because you DONT HAVE ACCESS to the other setting types!!

    Oh.. I just noticed the drop down menu
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    Did you mention changing settings for more than one domain? Check out the new folders, and more importantly 'magic' folders ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by stu2
    You now have to burrow down 1 more level to see the info. WORST OF ALL, after you burrow down 1 more level.
    It's not completely obvious, but you can click the "dashboard view" link at the bottom of the page to get the old "at a glance" view and then you can check a box to make that your default.
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    After using it a bit more, its not as bad as I previously imagined. I think it's much better organized now. I can work with the drop-down menu approach. I might even get to like it, since there is no need to use the browser back arrow and click on another option. So navigation is a tad faster but load times are a tad slower, so it's a wash as far as speed.

    gerolsteiner - Have the bulk changes been improved from the old system? what's really needed is domain cloning, rather than what they had before (yuk). What do the new folders give you other than categorizing domains? what are 'magic' folders? Where can I find out about these changes?

    webwig - I didn't see that option. I'll take a look at it. Thanks.
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    its nice and fast, but i've been having errors all day long especially on search feature
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