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    Question email at old cpanel, site at new server

    I have couple of sites grown out of a cpanel share account and moving them to a vps server that has no email server/or not yet setup. This is what i've done so far, dns entry is at the share account, the cname is pointed to the new vps server. All the vps server does is run apache and nothing else. What do I need to modify in whm in order to continue using email with the same domain? Here is an example,

    Old address with cpanel ->

    New address -> 123.211.321.123

    I would still like to have email work via using the whm/cpanel to the webmail. Is MX record something I need to modify, if so, what should I be looking for? thanks. | ClickThese Web Directory | | |

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    in WHM>DNS>MX (or where your DNS is serving)

    enter old server address.

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    You may also need to deleted the domain from /etc/localdomains or all mails from new server to the domain will be considered local and get delivered to local mailbox.

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