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    what's the best windows hoster


    i want to run a based chat software, many visitors per a minute.

    i want about 1 GB of space and 30 GB badnwidth.

    i need fast, powerful, and never see down.

    no problem about the money

    what can you say...?

    anybody trust ???


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    Have a look at the offers in the offers section.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmalekib
    Have a look at the offers in the offers section.
    Your specs needed are pretty generic, so you shouldn't have a problem finding someone. Check around at offers you like and do a search for them here to find out more information, reviews, etc.

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    what exactly is "based chat software" ?
    Are you talking about IRC, or a web based solution?

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    I'm curios to know the answer to gcc-hosting's question.

    But also remember to check the support of a host, you might want to see download speeds so request a test file, and always ask for proof of uptime -- unfortunately every host these days offers a 99% uptime just because anything less no one would buy -- but many can't hold it.

    Good luck with your site!

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