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    PR 4 - $2 month - Site Wide Text Links

    I'm selling text links in the footer, these links will be displayed on EVERY page.

    If you wish to buy a link, please send me a PM.

    Only 3 words per link, please remember that.

    If you'd like to purchase more then one month you'll save!.. 3 months for $5... 6 months for $9.. 12 months for $17.. You can buy just 1 month of course for $2

    There's also 1 banner space available in the footer.. 468x60 banner, only 1 will be displayed, not a rotation!.. If you'd like to place your banner, its $8 a month, or $15 for 2 months, + 2 free months text link in the footer when going with the 2 months for the banner in the footer.

    Most visitors are from Canada/USA.

    PayPal only please.

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    I'll take one spot for text link please send information via PM.

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