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    * Protect Server from being Used for Spam?!


    Every now and then I find thousands of spam messages in mail queue! These messages are sent from some foreign IPs and are being accepted by server to forward them to hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. addresses!!

    How come my server accepts these messages and send them on behalf of spammers

    Do I have very insecure server?! What can I do to stop my server acting foolishly?!


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    Your server likely had a php script exploited and now its being used to send spam.
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    Well, before your Server gets listed in every Spam database and preventing almost all eMails sent from your Server from being received, you should do two things.

    1. Check the output of the Spam eMail to see what account it is being sent through. As mentioned already, it's likely one or more of Clients is using an insecure Form script.

    2. Disable the use of 'catch-all' settings. In other words, make it so that your Clients can only receive eMail at addresses they have created.

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