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    Question Source Control

    To date I've mostly done small PHP/Apache/MySQL projects on my own as a side job. The last job I took on has grown a bit larger with a couple of designers and a few programmers.

    Source control has now turned into a nightmare. Overwrites by the designers have caused numerous hours of rework.

    How do you handle situations like this?

    The designers are Dreamweaver 8/ OSX.
    The programmers are Dreamweaver 8/ XP.

    Dreamweavers lock file system has proved worthless. I actually have Studio Pro and have Contribute 3. I have tried it and it's kind of lacking and not even working right now.

    I've looked at WebDav, but Apache mod_dav needs Apache 2.0 and CPanel just recently added 2+ Apache to their Edge build and is not considered stable.

    I've looked at Subversion(kinda needs WebDav for some features I want). There is a Dreamweaver plugin for it, but Windows only.

    CVS - lacks integration with Dreamweaver. Might as well tackle Subversion/Apache upgrade.

    Right now we have development and production server. Everyone develops on dev server and I manually ftp stuff into prodution when we the release is ready.

    Here's what I want to do:
    I want to run 3 sites:
    Alpha - This site will be refreshed daily from Beta site
    Beta - This site will only be accessible by me. When a designer has a file ready for serious testing I will upload it here(or better yet have some Source Control program handle it)
    Prod - When files have passed testing they get sent to production

    Is there any tool out there that will handle all or part of this? I'm not very enlightened after scouring the web and the forums and researching all of this for the past couple of weeks.

    Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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    we use perforce.
    -osx/win/nix compatible
    -works with dreamweaver via p4ftp

    it is much better to use the p4 client though. the whole dreamweaver lock thing is just nonsense in a large scale production environment.

    a good MVC framework can also help a lot when working with designers and developers side by side.

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