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    help finding best webhost located in Boston

    I'm trying to find a credible webhost that is located in Boston, with support for PHP 5. The webspace would be small and no larger than 1GB at its current state. But, it must support a fast transfer connection of a 300kb index file to users. Monthly, it should support at least 1000GB traffic. Speed accessing the MySQL database is not critical right now.

    I'm sorry if I'm not using the correct terminology!

    Are there lists online where I can find the best webhosts locally in Boston?

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    Are you looking for something directly in Boston, or around the Boston area?

    EDIT: For 1000GB traffic you need to be looking for a dedicated server, you might want to check out something in the NY/NJ are or Washington.
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  3. Does the company have to be located in Boston or just the companies servers? If all you want is the companies servers so you can have the fastest possible connection I would reccomend doing some searches for data centers located in Boston. Then do another search for hosting providers that operate out of that data center.

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    Right now, I would really want the webhost to actually be located in Boston so I could visit them in person.

    However, it seems that webhosting could be run anywhere so I could find a better deal through an online webhost rather than a local one.

    I'm looking for 1000GB traffic, 500GB could also work at the moment with PHP 5 support.

    I find that most webhosts offer a lot of webspace but I don't need that much webspace that comes with the bandwidth, just a good connection to load a huge index file as quickly as possible.

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    What is your monthly budget? When your looking for a GOOD host in a targeted area, you'll often end up paying more than you expect because there are obviously not as many hosts in that 1 area compared to the entire USA. Don't get me wrong, there are hosts that will sell you that kind of bandwidth for a cheap price, but when your working with a targeted area you're going to have to do some digging.

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    I'll be located in Boston tomorrow by 5. Does that count?

    Seriously speaking, is it necessary to have a host in boston or can a host located elsewhere? Are you lookin for colocation or just shared hosting? If you are looking for shared hosting, there is no reason that you cant work with someone like hostgator, dream host, web pro tech, or someone along thost lines.

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  7. If you truely need 1000GB of bandwidth then you will need to find a dedicated server. You could maybe get away with a high end VPS but that is your choice.

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