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    Is this a good deal?

    I have a single customer who needs a dedicated for his website. (He has a webmail script that is no longer welcome on my shared reseller server..)

    I've never had a dedicated before.. I've only resold space through a few different reseller companies.

    After some research, I've narrowed things down to two offers. Can anyone provide some opinions on these offers? Is there any "gotcha's" or things I should be considering?

    My customer wants as cheap as possible, and really only needs it for the one script.. so it doesn't need to be overly powerful, etc... (he only does about 5GB in traffic, etc..

    Offer 1
    Dedicated Server includes: AMD Duron 800 Mhz, 128MB memory, 20GB 7200 RPM Storage, 20 GB monthly bandwidth, 4 IP addresses, 24 hour setup, Wow Basic Watch, Unix distribution operating system. Includes Plesk (1 domain license) for you for free.

    Setup: $50
    Monthly: $75
    Offer 2
    Cobalt RaQ 4i

    450MHz (k-62) Processor
    256 MB RAM
    20 GB EIDE
    40 GB Bandwidth
    8 IP Addresses
    Easy to use Cobalt Web-Based Interface
    Linux 2.2 Multitasking Operating System
    Apache web server
    Front Page Server Extensions
    Bandwidth Management
    Support for Active Server Pages (ASP)
    Support for MySQL
    CGI, Perl and PHP scripting
    Email Server (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 & APOP)
    DNS & FTP

    We will also provide you with a free remote reboot power outlet and with server monitoring including ping, port & http sent to an email address of your choice.

    Please note that this is premium, tier1 bandwidth from Level3.}

    Setup: $199
    Monthly: $99
    The offer2 is from a company who was recommended by a fellow reseller. He's had a dedicated with them for a few months and spoke very highly of the company. (It's a bit more expensive than I'd like, but I can probably convince my customer that it's worth it if the company is better, etc.. I'm willing to pay a small premium for reputation and service.)

    Thanks for any advice or comments!

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    If they have no idea on how to manage a linux server then I would suggest you order them the RaQ. The other box is more powerfull (which you said it dosn't really have to be,) but they would really have a hard time managing it if he dosn't know linux.

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    Originally posted by 311
    ...but they would really have a hard time managing it if he dosn't know linux.
    The box (offer 1) comes with Plesk.. would that be enough? (I've never used Plesk, but my understanding is that it is a GUI interface, and not linux command line.)


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    Plesk is limited in ways, aswell as the cobalt panel.

    Plesk you can create virtual hosts easily, but with the cobalt you can install applications easily from the cp etc...

    Go and take a look at both of the control panel demos and you could decide for yourself which one would be best for your client:

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