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    I have used Dynadot for domain registrations for over a year now, over 20 domains with them! Great support! 5 STAR!
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    Dynadot is awesome. I love the control panel and domain templates, plus they are just nice people there.
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    Dynadot is great however I hate how their domain privacy still lists your name in the whois information, they have a reason they do this (they say it's a legal reason) however many other hosts completely remove all whois information. I really wish they would change this policy

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    Thank you so much for your kind words. We appreciate it very much. What a pick me up after a long day of dealing with spam complaints, name server problems, forgotten passwords, etc.

    Regarding the domain privacy, you are right that we do not hide the names. We knew that we would lose some privacy customers when we made this decision. But after doing a detailed legal analysis, we decided that was the right approach to take.

    We could have set up a shell company like the other registrars, but it felt too much like we were gaming the system. Here is an article we wrote about domain privacy, explaining the full details:

    Problems with Proxy Registration and Related Services

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    Interesting article and conclusion. It makes sense. You obviously are well versed in these matters. What is your opinion in using a forwarding service like Dynadot's and using a title like Domain Administrator in the contact information?
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