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Thread: quick opinion?

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    quick opinion?

    hi guyz!

    can i get your quick opinion? there's a poll there w/ a few screenshots of layouts:

    the poll explains it all, thank you!

    -der bubble

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    I'd go with 6 or 7.........which one do you prefer?, or are you going to select based on the votes??

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    I chose number one because I like it best and am suited better with it.

    This is all down to the fact that I am apart of an ewrestling community ( and it has the same type of script you used.

    Btw, may I ask where you got the script for the different layouts?

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    My vote goes to #6 It's a nice design in my opinion.

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    I like #3, #5 is good too.
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    3 looks fine. They are all quite nice. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    21inchguns: i really like #8 the most... but ya, i'm gonna let the votes decide! i like them all, and i'll customize the one that wins, but voters choice!

    like #7 is getting a lot of votes, but i'd add something at the very top to get rid of the empty space, ya know?

    oh, and i really like #6 too! but i just found out that another hosting site is using that script but in red... i don't want to get into one of those heated debates about copying a site, so i think it's off the list... it's a bummer, that was my favorite concervative one! (you can see it at this is not my site.. but see how it is the same theme as #6? this is who i don't want to get accused of 'copying'...)

    Axel Teflon: i couldn't get to your site? i'm not quite sure i understand your question... are you asking how i got the previews of these themes? if that's what you are asking, i just visited the themes author's site. they all have either screenshots or you can create an account to preview it on their site. if you were asking something else, let me know, im happy to answer!

    thx for all the feedback guyz!! i kinda figured the 'funnest' one was a bit out there (#8) and your feedback/votes is MUCH appreciated!

    -der bubble

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