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    [Javascript] Refresh Parent & Control Child still ??

    Hello ,

    I am opening a child window and controlling and sending data from the parnet window to the child. But if I Refresh the parent window, and try to send more data to the child window, the child window refreshes? How can I stop this from happening?

    Sample Example
    function open_win(args1,args2)
    newplayer =,args2);
    Than I control child from the parent window something similar to the following:

        newplayer.Load(args1, args2, args3, args4);

    Thank you
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    You problem lies in the fact that when the parent window refresh, you loose your handle (var new_player) for the child. There is no proper way to do it, however one workaround would be to have your parent to use a 2 frames (one being 0px, and the other 100%); your 100% visible frame can easily call code in you invisible frame, and then, when the main (100%) frame is refreshed, the invisible frame is not, and thus the handle still valid...

    Hope that all makes sense!



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