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    Can you send messages from hosting company server?

    I haven't thought this out beyond the question. I'm going to create a shopping cart for customers to order product. When the transaction completes, I need that server to send the order to a FreeBSD box at the company's location to print the order. Although I've never done this before, I can figure out how to do it using my own servers and software. The question is, if the shopping cart is hosted on a hosting company's Linux/FreeBSD server, do they allow the sending of messages from their server?

    Now I don't necessarily mean email messages but I have not given any thought at all as to how I would communicate with the company's box (a FreeBSD installation dedicated to this function that I can do anything with). So any thoughts regarding this would be appreciated.

    So to summarize the two questions:
    1) Do typical hosting companies allow communications to be sent to another location from software running on their server?
    2) Any suggestions/thoughts on what methods/software to do the task described above?

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    1 - If not forbidden, such as IRC, certainly
    2 - People use all kinds of ways of doing this, email, http web services, ssh commands , ssh tunneled ports forwarded to databases or app servers, etc.

    Find out whether they already have a method for doing this, unless you're designing their internal box, too.
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