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    somone i was hosting did not pay me

    Hi everyone its good to be back

    This may sound stupid but this problem has never hapend to me before.

    I was hosting this person and they did not pay me when requested so after 1 week i suspended his account as you would normally do. I went to the url of his site the next day to make sure the suspend message was still up as somtimes its doesnt show properly (dont have a clue why) only to find out he had switched hosts. Now what can i do as its been 25 days and he has not responded to the emails ive sent him reminding he has not paid for the hosting with me. i will terminate his account after 30 days if i get no reply from him. But the problem is what can i do about him owing me money as if hees not responding the my emails and i cant call him as he just hangs up on me. any advice would be good.

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    How much does he owe as that will reflect the options open to you
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    well he does not owe me that much just £9.00 but its not amazingly urgent but it would be quite nice to get out they way and done with.

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    Personally I would write that off and move on and claim it as a bad debt on your next years tax return. You could use and add on a debt collection fee of £40.

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    Yeh i might just to that thanks Rus ill also blacklist him as well i think

  6. I would reccomend just cutting your loses and moving on. Since it is on 9 pounds you could probable make more money spending your time promoting your business then dealing with getting your money back. The customer may also complain that he sent you in emails stating he wanted to cancel and complain about other matters.

    From personal experiances I would just let it slide.

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    I would also say write it off. For £9 it's not worth the hassle. Just learn from it and try to avoid it happening again.
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    That's why we suspend after 3 days late. Keeps the loss to a bare minimum.

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    Cut your losses, change your policy, move on.
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    This happens in hosting, there are always customers who do not pay or 'forget' they have hosting. In such cases its best to suspend within a week or three days (like AH-Tina has pointed out), keeps losses at a minimum. And for small trivial amounts like $9 ... etc doesn't really make sense making excessive calls or emails, it's not worth the effort.
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    I agree about making excessive calls about just $9.00 or about $10.00 equivalent here in the us. There's nothing you can do. I've had it happen to me twice before. I just wrote it off or ignored it. I also put in an agreement that if they do not paid the agreed amount within 48 hours their account with be deleted without warning.

    That sends out a loud and clear. With you suspending him, he could've probably gone through ftp and gotten his files. You should've just backed it up then deleted it. If he wanted it back. Upload it again and make sure he pays before you do. - Based entirely on web hosting user reviews
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    yeh ok thanks for the advise i have written it off have blacklisted him and changed my TOS

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    I always pre-charged my customers before they use my site. That's the best way to go (although this business is pretty much business of trust)
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