I recently put a request in the webhosting requests forum for a host that supported Ikonboard.

John Bradshaw replied quoting me some marvellous specifications and some damn good prices.

All went well until I ran the installer for Ikonboard and found that there was no support for DB_File.

They then told me that this error had been fixed, and it should be fine - Nope, IK still didn't run.

Well I could cope with that, but then when I tried to use a subdomain with one of my directorys all hell broke loose. The directory locked up and was (and still is) un-viewable. I then removed the sub-domain, and contacted support via email over a week ago.

I have still not received a reply and the folder is still not giving me any access at all - I've even renamed it and all that happens is that I get a different error indicating that directory is there, but just problematic.

My point is this:
Cadenet.net are very customer friendly, and will do everything they can to help you out but recently they just seem to be oversubscribed with requests for support. When I try to contact them via the humanclick facility on their site I'm just getting this "All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly." message constantly.

I don't want to make cadenet look bad, because they are infact the total opposite - their only downfall is perhaps they are dedicating too much time to too few customers..?

Please if you are going to contact your host for support when things go wrong, make sure you check everything like file paths etc before you get in touch. This will take the strain off the support staff and allow them to solve serious problems.