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    5U Server with 4TB Disk and 8gb RAM

    Supermicro Motherboard X6DAT-G
    1. Supports Dual 64-Bit Xeons Up To 3.8 GHz, 800 FSB
    2. Intel E7525 Chipset
    3. Up To 32 GB DDR 266 SDRAM or 16 GB DDR 333 SDRAM
    4. Intel 82541P1 Single Port Gigabit Ethernet
    5. 4 x Sata Ports Via Adaptec Controller
    2 x Sata Ports Via Intel 6300ESB
    6. 1 (x16) & 1 (x8) on a (x16)
    2x 64-bit, 66MHz, PCI-X,
    2x 32-bit, 33MHz PCI
    7. AC'97 Audio, 6-channel Sound
    8. Fan speed control for low noise
    9. 1 PCI-Express (x16), 1 PCI-Express (x8)
    2 x 64-Bit PCI-X
    2 x 32-Bit PCI

    Server Specs:
    Dual Intel Xeon Processors = 2 x 3.06 GHZ With A 2MB L2 Cache, 800 FSB

    8 Sticks Of DDR Ram = 8 x 1 Gig DDR 2700 Ram (8 Gigs Total Ram)

    14 Hard Drives = 3 x 400 Gig Seagate’s Sata And 7 x 300 Gigs Seagate’s Sata And 2 x IDE Seagate

    3ware Serial Sata Raid Card 9500S-8 8 Port Raid Card (Supports Raids Of 0,1,10,5,50, Single Disk)

    3ware Serial Sata Raid Card 9500S-4LP Port Raid Card (Supports Raids Of 0,1,10,5,Single Disk)

    1000 Watt Turbo Cool Power Supply With Sata, IDE And Fan Control

    Server Case:

    5U Server Case
    Contains 3 Inside Fans
    Hot Swappable Sata And Ide (From Front, 5 IDE, 10 Sata)

    Other Information:

    Server Is Less Then 1 Year Old, Was Used For Web hosting
    No Problems With Any Hardware, Everything Was Purchased Brand New
    Total Max Space Server Can Support Is 10.5 TB (Terabytes)
    Total Max Ram It Can Support Is 32 Gigs
    The OS is Fedora Core Linux 5 currently installed
    Server Is Always Cool, Does Not Heat Up What’s So Ever

    If you have any questions please PM me.

    Bidding starts at $4000, no BIN set yet...but I reserve the right to end this auction at any time if I get a high enough offer.

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    little update, BIN for $5225

    Auction will end 2 days from now.

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    Have you scanned the HD's for bad blocks?
    Jonathan VanSchaack
    Managing Director
    Remly Communications - Total Web Solutions
    Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Boston Colocation, Reseller Hosting, VDS/VPS, Web Design, and Full Server Management

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    Server has been sold. Thank you.

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