Hi All,

I am not too familiar with Squirrelmail as I have pretty much ignored it for all these years

However, after reading up about some of the features and plugins it does seem quite powerful for what it is, however there is something that I couldn't get a clear answer too.

Currently I have 4 full time staff members. And 2 part-time. The part-time staff members need to be able to access their email away from work, so via Webmail. However I remember Hotmail using Imap, whereby what you saw when you logged into your hotmail account was the same as what you could see when you opened Outlook Express on your computer.

I would like a similar setup, where the same sent & received items in their email client, is the same as what is there when they login via Webmail.

Is this possible with Squirrelmail ? And can you possibly point me in the right direction for further information ?