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    Sitewide leaderboard @ $12/mon - 65K + unique pageviews/mon


    The new advertising opportunity on our portal called
    This site is now being re-designed and the new look will berelaunched in a week to 10 days time. We wanted our existing customers to be the first to get a chance to advertise at very low rates as a part of our introductory offer.

    Take a look at our newly re-designed site... which has some interesting ad spots;

    1. Main pages [index and other root level pages] Total around 15 pages

    2. Category pages which lists the articles for that category - Total around 50 pages

    3. Actual article pages - Total around 400 pages

    4. Glossary pages - total around 60 pages

    You must have noticed the adspots at the top of pages and in the sidebar also; Just to give a brief and rates...

    1. Top Leaderboard [728 x 90] - Completely Sitewide
    Price: US $12/mon

    OR in the same location top of the page, we can have 1 standard size banner - right aligned [468 x 60] and a half banner [234 x 60] - left aligned
    Pricing: 468 x 60 - US $10/mon and 234 x 60 - $6/mon

    2. Large Rectangle [300 x 250]
    a. 1 rectangle is sitewide - US $10/mon
    b. 2nd rectangle is almost sitewide [excepting index and other root level pages - 15 pages] - US $9/mon

    We have only 3 ad spots and will be sold to any advertiser on first come first serve basis.
    All banners are hardwired and NO rotation.

    Traffic deatils: the entire sets averages around 65000 unique page views a month
    PR 4 site

    Other details:
    1. Minimum buy is for 3 months
    2. Payment by paypal only
    3. If you should be willing to prepay for 1 year, youget extra 15 days of advertising free with the package for any ad spot.

    I can send you the screenshot of my urchin stats for the august month of traffic for your reference. let me know, if you want to see this?

    Let me know, if you should be interested to advertise on the newly re-designed
    I'd be glad to answer any questions you should have.

    Contact us: [email protected]

    Best Regards

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    Could you send me the traffic details?

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    Sure, I can send you the screeshot of august month traffic details.

    Please send me a test email [[email protected]] or post your email ID here, so that i can attach the screenshot for you.


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    Just to add a couple of notes to my above advertising offer...

    1. In the next few weeks we will be adding more articles to the site.
    2. All the pages in the site has PR
    3. For long term buyers, you get the benefit of increased traffic considering our planned efforts to increase the content and partnerships.

    Contact us at: [email protected] for inquiries on advertising on the re-designed
    Or post here with your contact details with your interest and we will write to you with more details, if you need any.

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    We did have enquiries and all of them are replied. we are awaiting their reply.
    We still have the ad spots open. Interested advertisers can contact us.


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