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    Question E Mail troubleshoot

    HiHope some of you read my earlier query about the INBOX vs BULK. Im still hanging at this point. Kindly make me move.Prob: If im sending messages, it falls to BULK rather to INBOX. How to configure my mail setting so that the messages gets directed to the INBOX and not to BULK folder.Did anyone had the same prob. if yes, kindly do help me with your solutions.RegardsAmalan

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    Basically, if you don't have RDNS entry and if your domain is listed in any of the spam dabase there may be chances assuming your mails are to be spam at the receving end.

    Actually, yahoo mailserver have spam filter and they have defined some rules, in which usually spam filters assign weights to the incoming mails, if the weights is normal it will send to inbox and if it average it will send it to bulk folder and if the range is high the mail is blocked/rejected. Normally the weight range is 0 -10( not sure how yahoo have defined)

    So in your case, there should be really some problem as you have said earlier that you have RDNS and your mailserver is not listed in spam database.

    Are you sending any attahment with the mail? what mailserver .....
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