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    cheap, good domain registrar?

    i want it cheap but reliable and easy to transfer to a host if i ever need to-but at the moment i dont need a host. Also needs to have some service so i can create a MX record which i think every single domain registrar has, but just checking..

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    You mean a registrar where you can change DNS and create DNS records like A,
    MX and the like? There are various registrars that can do this.

    QiSoftware gave 2 samples. If you've time, you might want to read their legal fine
    prints or check a few forum posts regarding Go Daddy.

    On the side, I can recommend Namecheap. They're cheap, they let you also create
    MX records for free, etc.

    (Shouldn't this be on the Domain Forum section? )

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    I've used godaddy quite a bit and i haven't had any probs with them. With thier actions they sometimes say done within 48 hours but usually its instant

  5. I would either go with godaddy or enom.

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    GoDaddy is known to act severely towards domains that someone links with spam. Search on godaddy spam domain registration to find some horror stories.

    NameCheap is a very good enom reseller.
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    I use godday a lots. But they don't suport subdomain wild card.

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    230 - very very good.

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    Do you feel justified doing business with domain registrars who "also" happen to be web hosts now!

    I find that so disturbing at times. It basically says, I buy domains from you, but you are essentially my competition also!

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  11. #11 - Best - not so bad, but crappy design and lots of junk (hosting offers etc.), provides API so if you sell hosting you can sell their domains too...

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    The best domain registrar as of now is Enom Inc. They can certified by ICANN, the instutions that gives global certification to the domains registrar companies.

    Moreover Enom is the second largest domain registrar's in the world.

    Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hostechsupport
    Moreover Enom is the second largest domain registrar's in the world.
    Actually, it's third:
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    For cheap, go to http://www.DomainsAreFree.Com
    $3.95 for most - and I haven't noticed any difference in the level of management available as compared to say Godaddy. They are a Tucows reseller.

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