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    Selling Proxy Site

    1. Your name? Konrad
    2. URL(s) of site?
    3. Age of site? A few days
    4. Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors? Not much now but should increase in time. The site just got listed at TODAY FILTER SHEKAN and On, it is for some reason listed as "disabled," so the traffic should go way up when the owner of is notified, and it is fixed.
    5. How does the site generate income? How much? Currently little.
    6. Who develops content and administers the site? How much time does it require? Not much time.
    7. What is the monthly cost of running the site? Only hosting costs.
    8. Reason for selling? I need $$.
    9. Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner? Of course.
    10. Does the site have an ezine or newsletter? Number of subscribers? No.
    11. What all does the site include? Domain (NameCheap), content.
    12. Asking price for the site? Sarting Bid - $10 BIN - $27. I accept PayPal. Auction ends in 60 hours.
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    Current Bid - $15 by PM.
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    Sold at DP. Awaiting payment.
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    Next time you sell something here please try and follow these rules

    If you are selling:

    1. If you have a reserve, start the bidding at your reserved price.
    2. Clearly post an end date and time expressed in GMT.
    3. State accepted payment methods.
    4. If an auction is not exclusive to WHT, you must display the URL(s) within the thread.
    5. End the auction at the end date and time you stated. Or when the "Buy It Now" price is reached, if you listed one.
    6. Transfer ownership to the winner.

    If you are buying:

    1. You are responsible for the bids you post. Bid only if you plan to buy.
    2. Publicly post your bid.
    3. If you win an auction, pay the seller.

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