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    Australian user base, US server

    Hey Guys,

    Need a little advice, at the moment we are paying an unbelievable amount on hosting so we are considering relocating all online services to the US, just wanted some feedback on those who have done this before and if there are any serious drawbacks.

    Im aware of the latency issue and i know pages in general will load a little slower but the question is will the general public realise and will it significantly hinder their online experience.

    The sites im moving are not small, we have a few hundred offices relying on it for mission critical operations plus there is the public side of things which is just as important.

    We are considering rackspace at this stage, even with their prices we will save a bundle.

    Anyone done anything like this before, is this a really bad idea?


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    If you have a few hundred offices relying on it for mission critical operations I would suggest that you not do this. Latency will be significant.

    IF you do this, consider colo at 55 S Market San Jose. It is my understanding that the majority of Southern Crossing cable terminates there.

    There are several colo companies there that can provide remote hands, etc.

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    thanks for the feedback Dennis

    I forgot to mention that we are just developers so we are not that clued in when it comes to server administration, one of the major possitives that i see is the level of support we would get via rackspace as well as a very reliable backup policy. With our current providers we receive very little support and response times are unbelievably slow, i suppose the alternative to this would be to stay locally and outsource support, but the bills are still going to be through the roof.

    Will latency be that much of a concern, our mission critical applications are very slim with virtually no images so it shouldnt be to much of on isse there. I suppose the latency will be more of a concern on the public side of things, I have tested latency with a few providers and it looks like users will experience 200-250ms depending on which provider they are with. The public site will have a few images but wont require downloads of large files or anything like that.

    I suppose the real question is, is it worth the it? site will be slower but we will be paying 10% of what we are currently

    Also if anyone has done anything similiar to this how was it received, did anyone notice?
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    Ofcourse if you can afford Rackspace it's good, but there are other reliable managed hosting providers with cheaper prices as well.

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    Is one of my favorite pictures... A little out of date... but still awesome.

    There's a big print version 37" * 51" posted in one of the MPT meet-me-rooms... and it's fun to stare at... even tho their version is a little older I think.

    Seeing they charge $225 for the print version... Im pretty sure I shouldn't go take photographs of it and post it '

    Dennis' comment made me think of this

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    If you're going to relocate your servers from Australia to America, you really need to be on the west coast of Amercia, for the best possible speeds. There's heaps of providers in LA for you to choose from. You should get sub 200ms times to LA, from Australia. We're an aussie host with all our gear in LA, and our aussie clients get great speeds from LA. If moving out of aussie will save you 90%, then it's something to seriously consider. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    However, you seem to be doing good so...

    Why not co-locate instead of dedicated?

    You have direct access to the servers and trust me, this is great. You would have many mission critical clients. So if there was any down time it's up to your initiative how long they are down, because you do it yourself.

    Sometimes the premium you are paying is worth it.

    However, if I'm on the wrong track, at least you've considered it

    Just want to make sure you're thinking.

    As far as latency goes with web serving no latency will have no effect, but e-mail does suffer quite a bit.

    I have my websites over in the US but I host my mail locally. I just setup the DNS that way

    If you do make the switch, obviously make sure your server is 100% working and you have the Administration support you need i.e professional managed service. I'd have the 2 servers working con-currently for about 2 - 3 months before making the move.

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