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    Thumbs up [3 Months] - Steadfast shared hosting review

    So I always try and write out a review after I've atleast crossed the three month mark for a company.

    I chose steadfast for their sterling reputation in dedicated servers and their use of h-sphere (which in my mind is the best control panel from a user perspective period). When i first ordered my account was setup very promptly and quickly after that my request for ssh access was granted.

    I began moving my sites from the dedicated server I was leaving [and my dreamhost account] (I no longer needed a server as I had sold off customers and had gotten rid of high traffic sites) and all was very fast and very smooth.

    All in all it has been a pretty smooth ride for the 3 months i have been with them. I have seen some blips in service interruption (two times no more then 5 minutes) that I guess I'm not use to as I ran my own servers but I guess it seems normal from other hosts I have checked [i thought about switching to pair but noticed their system notices page was littered with the same servers going down for 10 minutes nearly every day]. Overall uptime and speed has been excellent, support has been very speedy and the value i get for the money is great. I would reccomend steadfast to anyone who needs stable shared hosting.

    Recently I bought a VPS from myriadnetwork and have moved most of my sites over to it [I'm doing some programming/coding to where I needed a VPS for testing] but have continued to host three sites at steadfast (as they don't want to be moved) and will so for the foreseeable future.

    Package: Silver
    1500 MB of Disk Space
    100 GB of Monthly Data Transfer
    Hosting for Unlimited Domains
    $19.95 per month
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