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    USA Fast VPS Hosting

    Hi guys,

    I am pretty much new, but have read few articles here. Can you tell me some cheap VPS Hosting plan with good speed. (To define cheap ~ $15 per month)
    I have a classified ads site and would like to move from shared( to VPS in order to get better speed. I am currently on the cheapest GoDaddy hosting plan and the speed is of course terrible. Do you thing that I will get better speed with VPS hosting?

    Thanks in advance guys....

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    At $15 a month, you're not going to find much speed in a VPS. At best, you'll find a beginner environment suitable for a few web sites with light usage. You're barking up the wrong tree, especially if you have any usage or reliability expectations. Even GoDaddy charges $40/month for their base VPS and they aren't known for performance.
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    Do you have any specific requirements?
    Gearanteed Cpu power:
    Guaranteed ram:
    Location: West Coast/East Coast


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    I would like 128MB ram guaranteed. I am on the WestCoast. I have some administration experiance.


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    * Check Spry and Give GoDaddy another look

    Spry might be a good choice for as low as $25/month: .

    Actually, I have never had a problem with GoDaddy's VPS (Linux/Cpanel) and wouldn't dismiss them so quickly. I'm actually using a VPS from a reseller of GoDaddy, but from my understanding there shouldn't be too many differences in the server's hardware configurations. I have also installed accelerator on my VPS which also improves the performance significantly.

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    Try using this VPS provider search:

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