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    Which hosting package to pick

    Below are specs for a VPS and a dedicated server. Any thoughts on what I should use for hosting. I'm not sure how to compare them. Price is virtually the same and bandwidth is not to much of an issue.

    Dedicated Server

    Intel P4 2.8
    80 gig hd
    512 meg ram


    Dual opteron server with 8 gig ram with below guarantees
    80 gig hd
    512 meg ram

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    On the dedicated server you would have full access to the CPU where you'd have to share it on the other box (even though the other box is faster). Since they are about the same price, I'd go with the dedicated. I would recommend more RAM if you can get it cheaply.

  3. I would go with the dedicated as well. You will receive better preformance and less server load.

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    For the VPS hosting package, how would I determine how much cpu power I would have access to.

    Assuming there are 10 people sharing the dual opteron, would that be the equivalent of having a dedicated p4 2.8?

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